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If you are shopping online, this discount is only available for e-mail delivery. Keep in mind that magazines make great gift ideas, and Discount Mags will send out a FREE e-card letting the recipient know their gift is on the way. Or, for a small fee you can pick out a postcard to be sent instead. Looking for other magazine deals? You are in luck!


If you missed out on the nice savings a couple weeks ago on Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, the good news is these nice deals are back. We have a sale this week, plus a new Target cartwheel offer to make for a nice price on the 6. All this competition benefits the consumer, said Kristin McGrath, shopping expert and editor for Offers. But while consumers benefit in the form of lower prices, it can become harder to spot which deal is the best. There are some categories of products where stores like Walmart and Target will likely offer better deals.

One is a category that Amazon is heavily promoting ahead of Prime Day: School and dorm-room supplies. Consumers may also want to wait altogether on purchasing these items, as they are typically discounted more heavily later in the summer.

Moreover, card-holders at other retailers can see additional savings. Shoppers also should look out for other retailers that are offering flash sales over the next week.

Target Deals on Kitchen Appliances

Also see: This is the secret to scoring free money to spend on Amazon Prime Day. Come in with a list: The easiest way to avoid falling for deals that are, indeed, too good to be true is to pay attention only to sales on items you need, Alvarez said. Identify the items you want to shop for and determine what their pre-sale prices are. Decide whether you prefer shopping in person: There are pros and cons to shopping in-person versus online.

Target Deal Day 12222: Technology, kitchen appliance sales and more

Brick-and-mortar stores will have more limited inventory and may not adjust sales prices as quickly as retailers do online. Plus, returning online purchases can be a hassle. Keep the cost of shipping in mind: When comparing Amazon to other companies, be sure to read the fine print of their shipping policies. While companies like Walmart and Target have ramped up their next-day shipping policies to compete with Amazon, you often need to have spent a certain amount to get free shipping. You can also access Prime Day deals by using a day free trial. Take advantage of price-comparison tools: There are multiple tools and apps out there that compares prices across retailers.

Wikibuy can be used as a standalone app or as an internet browser extension. Additionally, sites like CamelCamelCamel and The Tracktor compare prices historically for Amazon, showing whether an item is cheaper on Prime Day versus other times of the year. Shares of Amazon are up Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator.

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